New Coon Creek Girls, The


  • From Renfro Valley, Kentucky.
  • Formed in 1980 by John Lair of the Renfro Valley Barn Dance to carry on the tradition of the original Coon Creek Girls. Multi-instrumentalist Vicki Simmons was the first member of the band to sign on.
  • The original Coon Creek Girls were a popular female hillbilly band led by Lily Mae Ledford in the 30’s and 40’s performing primarily on the old Renfro Valley Barn Dance out of Cincinnati, Ohio. They were one of the first—if not the very first—country music acts to perform at the White House. They did so in 1938 for then-President Franklin D. Roosevelt. They disbanded in 1957. Simmons met Lily Mae Ledford before she died and learned to play clawhammer-style banjo from her. Ledford gave Simmons permission to use the name Coon Creek Girls to carry on the tradition of the original group.
  • They were one of the first all-female bluegrass bands.
  • The band went through many personnel changes over the years with Vickie Simmons being the only original member to remain. Other members of the band included Pam Perry, Ramona Church Taylor, Pam Gadd, Deannie Richardson, Katie Penn and Dale Ann Bradley.
  • 1988, released Pictures album (Turquoise).
  • 1989, released Playing Our Respect album (Turquoise).
  • 1991, released So I’ll Ride album (Turquoise).
  • 1994, released L & N Don’t Stop Here Anymore album (Pinecastle).
  • 1995, released Ain’t Love A Good Thing album (Pinecastle).
  • 1996, released gospel album Everything You Do (Pinecastle)
  • 1997, the group’s name was changed to Dale Ann Bradley and Coon Creek.
  • 1998, released Our Point Of View album (Pinecastle).