Owens, Andy


  • Born in Louisville, Kentucky. For many years lived in Dallas, Texas. Now living in North Carolina.
  • Sings, writes songs and plays all the bluegrass instruments. Mandolin is his specialty.
  • Has an MBA from SMU. In addition to his musical interests, he has owned a recording studio, a construction business, a business that manages practices for medical doctors in the Dallas area and a sleep disorder clinic.
  • Formed a band called The Andy Owens Project in 1991.
  • Was a founding member of Danger in the Air (1983-1991) a Dallas-based band which morphed into the Dixie Chicks. Also worked with The Fredonia Rebellion (1976-1981), Les Fauves (1981-1983), a “punk-grass” band and Killbilly.
  • 1992, released Kerosene Circuit album (Real Music).
  • 1993, was elected to the board of the IBMA and served one term as board chairman.
  • 1994, released “Real Music” album (Real Music).
  • 1997, released One Eye Open album (Real Music).
  • Owns his own record label 1-800-Bluegrass.
  • 1999, he and his wife Cathy sold everything and left Dallas with their two sons to go on a 12-month musical walkabout they called “The Bluegrass Expedition.” They performed in 28 countries before returning home to settle in North Carolina (near Deep Gap, home of Doc Watson). He has a recording studio there called Lonesome Pine Studio.
  • Hobby: coon hunting and scuba diving.
  • 2006, began touring and recording with the Czech band Druha Trava. Together they recorded an album called Drive South (1-800-Bluegrass).
  • 2007, released Melody for You album (1-800-Bluegrass).
  • He and his son Cameron have a progressive bluegrass group called FreeGrass.