February 2023

Now would be a good time to play “February Snow” by Lester Flatt and the Nashville Grass.


Del McCoury born, 1939
Tom Gray born, 1941
David Parmley born, 1959
Jason Carter born, 1973
Wiley Morris born, 1919 (died 9/22/1990)
Ralph King died, 2018


Groundhog Day!
(For song suggestions, click here)
Carrie Hassler born, 1979
Johnny Whisnant died, 1992
Keith McReynolds died, 2000
Louise Scruggs died, 2006


Bill Monroe’s first Decca session, 1950
Danny Jones died, 2017


David Grisman, Tony Rice and Jerry Garcia record “The Pizza Tapes,” 1993
Clarence “Tater” Tate born, 1931

Steve Sparkman born, 1972
Art Wooten born, 1906. (Died Oct. 6, 1986)
Jethro Burns died, 1989


65th Annual Grammy Awards to be held at Crypto.com Arena in Los Angeles
Pam Gadd born, 1960

George Garris born, 1953
Chubby Anthony died, 1980
Louvin Brothers join the Grand Ole Opry, 1955


Paul Brewster born, 1956
Dale Reno born, 1961
Rhonda Vincent inducted as a member of the Grand Ole Opry by Dierks Bentley, 2021


Wilma Lee Cooper born, 1921 (died 9/13/2011)
Joe Stuart born, 1928 (died 9/13/1987)
Dub Crouch born, 1930 (died 1/8/2017)
Donna Stoneman born, 1934


Merle Watson born, 1949 (died 10/23/1985)
Don Wayne Reno born, 1963
Lulu Belle (of Lulu Belle and Scotty) died, 1999.
Steve Scruggs born, 1958 (died 9/23/1992)
Pauline “Mom” Lewis died, 2003
Joe Meadows died, 2003
Bessie Lee Mauldin died, 1983


Jim McCall died, 2010


Kyle Wood born, 1966 (died 12/19/2021)
Jason Davis born, 1988
Louvin Brothers join the Opry, 1955
Vern Young born, 1924 (died 6/14/2019)
“Wagon Wheel” released by Old Crow Medicine Show, 2004
Aaron “Frosty” Foster died, 2021


Charles Bailey (Bailey Brothers) born, 1916 (died 3/12/2004)
Slim Richey born, 1938 (died 5/31/2015)
Tyler Williams born, 1985
Rudy Lyle died, 1985


Abraham Lincoln born, 1809
(Play “Song for Abraham” by Irl Hees or “Booth Shot Lincoln” by Uncle Earl)
Super Bowl LVII (57) played at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona
(Song Suggestion: Play “Fourth & Goal” by Terry Baucom’s Dukes of Drive)
Red Allen born, 1930 (died 4/3/1993)
Mike Lilly died, 2020


Jim McReynolds born, 1927 (died 12/31/2002)
Charlie Moore born, 1935 (died 12/24/1979)
Janis Lewis Phillips born, 1939
David McLaughlin born, 1958
Wilma Millsaps born, 1949
Boudleaux Bryant born, 1920 (died 6/25/1987)
Bill Monroe records “Kentucky Waltz” (with Sally Ann Forrester on accordian), 1945
The Country Boys (Roland and Clarence White) appear on the Andy Griffith Show, 1961

Earl Scruggs receives a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, 2003


Valentines Day
(For song suggestions, click here)
Hubert Davis born, 1929 (died 5/4/1992)
Raymond K. McLain died, 2003


Tennessee Legislature makes “Rocky Top” the state song of Tennessee, 1982


David Davis born, 1961


Buck Trent born, 1938
Louise Scruggs born, 1927 (died 2006)
First recording by the Monroe Brothers, 1936


Dudley Connell born, 1956
Don Rigsby born, 1968
Dan Hays born, 1959
Sean Watkins born, 1977
Garland Shuping died, 2000
First gig by Hot Rize in Boulder, Colorado, 1978


Howard “Cedric Rainwater” Watts born, 1913 (died 1970)
Grandpa Jones died, 1998


Presidents Day
(Song suggestions: Play “White House Blues” by Del McCoury, “Truman’s Vision” by Randy Kohrs, or “Mr. President” by Unspoken Tradition)
Mark Newton born, 1957

Claire Lynch born, 1954
Sharon Cort born, 1953
Glenn Lawson born, 1951

R.C. Harris born, 1940
Chris Thile born, 1981
Alan Perdue died, 2019
Johnson Mountain Boys record “Live at the Old Schoolhouse” album, 1988


Mardis Gras (Fat Tuesday)
(Play “Mardis Gras” by Evie Ladin  or “Mardis Grass” by Mason Via, “When the Saints Go Marching In” by Flatt & Scruggs, “City of New Orleans” by the Seldom Scene or Special Consensus, or any cajun tunes).
Don Reno born, 1927 (died Oct. 16, 1984)

Dick Kimmel born, 1947
Heidi Greer born, 1994
Bruce Moody died, 2009
Monroe Fields died, 2015
Dolly Parton wins a Grammy for her album “The Grass is Blue,” 2001


Ash Wednesday
George Washington born, 1732

Last performance by Flatt & Scruggs on the Grand Ole Opry, 1969
First bluegrass Grammy awarded to Bill Monroe for his “Southern Flavor” album, 1989
Garland Shuping born, 1951 (died 2/18/00)
Ron Rice born, 1955
Valerie Gabeheart born, 1961
Donny Catron died, 2016


Byron Berline’s Double Stop Fiddle Shop in Guthrie, Oklahoma burned, 2019


Little Roy Lewis born, 1942
Mac Wiseman died, 2019


Ralph Stanley born, 1927 (died 6/23/2016)
John Reischman born, 1955
Emma Smith born, 1945

Peter Wernick born, 1946
Tom Henderson died, 2014


Brandon Rickman born, 1977
Alvin Breeden died, 2013
Punch Brothers release first album “Punch,” 2008
Buffalo Creek Hollow (Logan County, West Virgina) is flooded leaving 125 dead and thousands homeless, 1972
(Song suggestion: Play “Buffalo Creek Flood” by James Reams and the Barnstormers)


Carolyn Routh born, 1967
Doc and Merle Watson win the Grammy Award for Best Country Instrumental Performance for “Big Sandy/Leather Britches” from their Live & Pickin’ album, 1980
The soundtrack for “O Brother Where Art Thou” wins the Grammy Award for Album of the Year, 2002


School bus #27 hit the rear end of a tow truck on U.S. Route 23 in Knotley Hollow (Floyd County), Kentucky, and plunged into the Big Sandy River killing 26 students and the bus driver, 1958.
(Song suggestion: Play “No School Bus in Heaven” by the Stanley Brothers.)
Warren Amberson born, 1964


Leap Day! (Not until 2024)
Mike Compton born, 1956