November 2021

Now would be a good time to play “New November” by Thomas Cassell, or “What Follows Fall” by Bluegrass Etc. or “November” by Bob Amos or “November Rain” by Lost Highway or “The Guns of November” by Northern Lights.


Stanley Brothers formed, 1946
Seldom Scene formed, 1971

Bill Anderson born, 1937
Art Stamper born, 1933 (died 1/23/2005)

Carl Nelson died, 2006


Stanley Brothers record “The Lonesome River”, 1950
James Alan Shelton born, 1960 (died 6/3/2014)


Alan Munde born, 1946
Kirk McGee born, 1899 (died 10/24/83)
Allen Mills born, 1937
Pete Corum born, 1948


Ron Lynam born, 1954


Junior Sisk born, 1964
First performance by the Osborne Brothers at radio station WROL in Knoxville, TN, 1953


Daylight Savings Time ends. Set clocks back one hour.
(For a few song suggestions, click here.)
Jim Watson born, 1947
A.P. Carter died, 1960

Gene Wooten died, 2001


Roy Lee Centers born, 1944 (died in 1974)
Benny Cain died, 1998
Roger Reed born, 1953
Eddie Miller born, 1957 (died in 2001)
Bill Hall born, 1935 (died in 2010)


Bill Monroe records “Kentucky Mandolin”, 1967
Richard Greene born, 1942
George D. Hay the “Solemn Old Judge” born 1896
Ralph Stanley was presented with the National Medal for the Arts by President George W. Bush, 2006


Abigail Washburn born, 1977
Bill Bryson born, 1946
David “Stringbean” Akeman died, 1973

(Play “The Ballad of Stringbean and Estelle” by Sam Bush.)
Mike Kropp died, 2015
Dolly Parton was presented with the National Medal for the Arts by President George W. Bush, 2005


Veterans Day
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Tom McKinney born, 1941 (died 8/31/2018)
Don Stover died, 1996


Brooke Aldridge born, 1983
Mike Bub born, 1964

Ernie Sykes born, 1960
Vandals break into Bill Monroe’s home and smash his mandolin to bits with a fireplace poker, 1985


Peter McLaughlin born, 1955
Judith Edelman born, 1964


Bubba Chandler born, 1955
Albert Brumley died, 1977
Robert Whitstein died, 2001
Roy Clark died, 2018
William “Bill” Holden died, 2021
Earl Scruggs played “Foggy Mountain Breakdown” at the Moratorium to End the War in Vietnam in Washington D.C., making him one of the first country/bluegrass artists to publicly join the protests, 1969.


Osborne Brothers record “Rocky Top”, 1967
Larry Cordle born, 1949
Earl Bolick born, 1919 (died 4/19/98)


Tom Adams born, 1958
Sally Ann Forrester died, 1999
Ramona Jones died, 2015


Jens Krüger born, 1962


Charlie Cline died, 2004


Stanley Brothers record “The Fields Have Turned Brown”, 1949
Senator Robert Byrd born, 1917 (died 6/28/2010)
Josh Williams born, 1980
Tut Taylor born, 1923 (died 4/9/2015)

Bill Vernon died, 1996
Randy Howard born, 1960 (died 6/29/99)
Eck Robertson born, 1887 (died 2/15/1975)


Jim Eanes died, 1995
Jason Moore died, 2021

Flatt & Scruggs make first Columbia recordings, 1950
Alison Krauss receives the National Medal for the Arts from President Donald Trump, 2019


Jerry Sullivan born, 1933 (died 5/31/2014)
Dan McKinnon died, 2012


Charlie Sizemore born, 1960
Roy Acuff died, 1992


Jack Tottle born, 1939
Adam Steffey born, 1965
James Bryan born, 1953


Thanksgiving Day
(For song suggestions, click here.)
Eddie Stubbs born, 1961

Walter Hensley died, 2012


LeRoy Drumm died, 2010


Walter Bailes died, 2000


First Day of Hanukkah (8 Days)
(Song suggestion: “In the Window” by Claire Lynch from her “Holiday” album.)
First Grand Ole Opry broadcast, 1925
(Play “The Grand Ole Circle” by Darin & Brooke Aldridge or “Circle of Wood” by The Farm Hands or “Martha White, Lester and Earl” by Terry Baucom or “The Grand Ole Opry Song” by Jimmy Martin)
Frank Edmonsen died, 2003
Jimmie Skinner died, 1979


Randy Waller born, 1959
English rock band Manfred Mann releases the song “Fox on the Run” which later became a bluegrass hit for The Country Gentlemen, 1968.


Homer “Pappy” Sherrill died, 2001
Steve Waller (Sawtooth Mountain Boys) born, 1945 (died 6/26/2015)
Jeannie Kendall born, 1954