October 2024

For Octoberfest, play “Beer Barrel Polka” by Reno and Smiley or Jim and Jesse, or “Polka on the Banjo” by Flatt & Scruggs (or other artists)!



Rosh Hashanah (3-day Celebration of the Jewish New Year 5785)
Chubby Wise born, 1915 (died 1/6/1996.)

(Play “Fiddle, Wooden Case and Bow” by Andy Owens)
Earl Scruggs severely injured in an auto wreck near Knoxville, 1955. He suffered a fractured pelvis, dislocated hips and other injuries.
Gary Reid born, 1956
Tammy Sullivan born, 1964 (died 4/20/2017)


William Apostol (Billy Strings) born, 1992
First Andy Griffith Show aired on CBS, 1960

Eddie Lee Miller (played mandolin with Valerie Smith and Liberty Pike) died in auto accident on the way to IBMA Trade Show, 2001.


Dick Smith born, 1943 (died 7/28/2022)
Chris Hart born, 1971

Glenn Laney died, 2001


Bill Monroe was presented with the National Medal of the Arts by President Bill Clinton, 1995
Jack Lawrence born, 1953
Johnny Vincent died, 2014
Tommy Magness died, 1972
Aubrey Holt died, 2017


Art Wooten died, 1986.
Terry Baucom born, 1952 (died 10/7/2023)
Ray Deaton born, 1952 (died 6/4/2019)
Johnny Williams born, 1951


John Hickman born, 1942 (died 5/11/2021)
Buddy Merriam born, 1952
Uncle Dave Macon born, 1870 (died 3/22/1952)
Gordon Terry born, 1931 (died 4/9/2006)
Bill Monroe records “Muleskinner Blues” for Victor, 1940


“Old and In the Way” album recorded live at the Boarding House, San Francisco, 1973
Frank and Jesse James rob the Glendale Train, 1879
Sammy Shelor born, 1962
Blake Williams born, 1956

Lynn Morris born, 1948
Russ Barenberg born, 1950


Curtis McPeak born, 1927
Wanda Barnett born, 1957
John Lennon born, 1940
Buck Trent died, 2023


John Prine born, 1946 (died 4/7/2020)
Kent Dowell born, 1955

Barry Berrier born, 1960
Jim Shumate died, 2013


Yom Kippur
(Now would be a good time to play something by Jewish bluegrass artists like Nefesh Mountain, Andy Statman or Barry Mitterhof. Song Suggestion: “Berditchever Sher” by Zoe and Cloyd)
Blaine Sprouse born, 1956.

Bill Millsaps born, 1948.
Josh Crowe born, 1957
Lynn Cox born, 1960
Paul Simon born, 1941
(Song suggestions: Play “You Can Call Me Al” by Old Salt Union, “Red Rubber Ball” by Spectrum or “Graceland” by the Lonely Heartsting Band.)
Leigh Gibson born, 1971
Benny Williams died, 2007
Paddy Moloney (The Chieftains) died, 2021


Kenny Baker walked off the stage and quit the Blue Grass Boys after Bill Monroe instructed him to play Jerusalem Ridge in response to a loud and drunken audience member’s request, 1984.


Raymond Fairchild died, 2019


Columbus Day (Indigenous People’s Day)
(Song Suggestions: “The Ballad of Christopher Columbus” by Charlie Moore and Bill Napier, or “Land of the Navajo” by Old and In the Way, or “Cherokee” by Marty Falle)
Flatt and Scruggs inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame, 1985.
Jason Barie born, 1979
Phil Leadbetter died, 2021


Song Suggestion: Play “15th of October” by Volume Five (Mountain Fever)
David Holt born, 1946

Bill Monroe records “Uncle Pen” on Decca, 1950


Don Reno died, 1984
Stoney Cooper born, 1918 (died 3/22/77)
First IBMA meeting, 1985


Derek Bell of the Chieftains died, 2002
Leroy Eyler born, 1930 (died 6/22/95)
Mark Kuykendall born, 1962 (died 6/19/2023)
Beecher R “Pete” Kirby (Bashful Brother Oswald) died, 2002

Clarence “Tater” Tate died, 2007


Bill Monroe wed Caroline Brown, 1935
Tony Furtado born, 1967
Johnny Vincent born, 1940 (died 10/5/2014)
Paul Craft died, 2014


Don Parmley born, 1933 (died 7/30/2016)
Vic Jordan born, 1938 (died 8/26/2016)
Ebo Walker born, 1941
Grant Turner (longtime Grand Ole Opry announcer) died, 1992
Bill Duncan died, 2013


Grandpa Jones born, 1913 (died 2/19/98)
Flatt & Scruggs record “Salty Dog Blues” and “Rollin’ in My Sweet Baby’s Arms”, 1950


Jim Shumate born, 1921 (died 10/10/2013)
Tommy Magness born, 1916 (died 10/5/1972)


Clay Jones born, 1967


Eric Gibson born, 1970
Mark Holt born, 1963
Dwight Yoakam born, 1956
Merle Watson died, 1985
Bill Keith died, 2015
Mother Maybelle Carter died, 1978
(Play “Tears in Holsten River” from the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band’s “Circle III” album.)
Bill Monroe auditions for the Grand Ole Opry, 1939


Larry Stephenson born, 1956
Kirk McGee died, 1983
Flatt & Scruggs record “Earl’s Breakdown”, 1951
Bob Amos born, 1957
Jimmy Campbell died, 2003


Mom and Pop Lewis wed, 1925


Snuffy Jenkins born, 1908
Flatt and Scruggs last recordings with Bill Monroe, 1947
Mike Hartgrove born, 1955
Joe Mullins born, 1965
Robert Dowdy born, 1956

Fred Pike born, 1932 (died 3/5/97)
Jimmy Skinner died, 1979


National First Responders Day
(song suggestion: “Person of the Year” by Kristy Cox on her Shades of Blue album)
Bill Bolick born, 1917 (died 3/14/2008)
Charlie Daniels born, 1936 (died 7/6/2020)

Bill Monroe joins Grand Ole Opry, 1939
Final Columbia recordings by the original bluegrass band (Bill Monroe, Lester Flatt, Earl Scruggs, Chubby Wise and Cedric Rainwater) were made on this date, 1947
First Mercury Recordings by Lester Flatt, Earl Scruggs and the Foggy Mountain Boys were made on this date, 1948


Sonny Osborne born, 1937
Martha Adcock born, 1949
Albert Brumley born, 1905


Jimmy Martin records “Train 45”, 1961


(For song suggestions, click here)