Tennessee Bluegrass Band


  • From east Tennessee.
  • Formed in 2020 by Aynsley Porchak (fiddle), Lincoln Hensley (banjo), John Meador (guitar), Gracie Meador (bass) and Tim Laughlin (mandolin). The Meadors are married.
  • The group formed as a spin-off of the band Carolina Blue. When Carolina Blue co-founder Bobby Powell left the group, he took the name Carolina Blue with him and the remaining members formed a new band.
  • 2021, signed a recording contract with Billy Blue Records.
  • 2021, the Meadors left the group to start a family.
  • 2022, Lincoln Mash (guitar) and Tyler Griffith (bass) joined the band.
  • 2023, Geary Allen (guitar) and Anissa Burnett (bass) joined the band, replacing Mash and Griffith.