Keel, Larry


  • From Glasgow, Virginia.
  • Keel is a 2-time winner of the Telluride Flatpick Guitar Championship (1993, 1995).
  • Early days: had a group called McGraw Gap. Also worked as a contract musician at Disney World in Tokyo.
  • 2000,formed a band called The Larry Keel Experience. This band included Curtis Burch, an original member of the New Grass Revival.
  • 2006, formed a band called Natural Bridge with Mark Schimick (mandolin), Will Lee (banjo) and wife Jenny Keel (bass).
  • 2012, recorded “Classic” album.
  • Has a website called Fishin and Pickin combining his love for music and fishing. He hosts various music events for fisherman such as Bass and Grass (Georgia) and Trout and Tunes (West Virginia).