Radio Flyer


  • From Springfield, Missouri.
  • Formed in 1984 by David Wilson (mandolin/fiddle) and Dudley Murphey (guitar).
  • Won “Best New Bluegrass Band of 1985” at the Kentucky Fried Chicken bluegrass festival in Louisville. (Union Station featuring a 14-year old fiddle player named Alison Krauss came in second.)
  • 1988, released self titled album on Turquoise Records.
  • 1991, released “Old Strings, New Strings” album (Turquoise).
  • 1995, released Town & Country album (Turquoise).
  • The band broke up in 2002 but Wilson and Murphey have been playing dates together as a duo.
  • Murphey is an art professor at Drury College in Springfield.
  • Wilson also founded another band called the Undergrass Boys.
  • 2022, founding member Dudley Murphey died.