Loafer’s Glory


  • From Los Angeles, CA.
  • Formed in 2010 by Herb Pederson (guitar), Bill Bryson (bass), Tom Sauber (fiddle) and Pat Sauber (banjo).
  • Pederson and Bryson have worked in many bands together including the Desert Rose Band and the Laurel Canyon Ramblers. Tom Sauber and son Pat are well-known Southern California bluegrassmusicians. Pat also works frequently with Laurie Lewis, the Bladerunners and the Brombies and was featured in the 2003 movie “A Mighty Wind.”
  • The band got it’s name from an obscure Flatt and Scruggs song, Loafer’s Glory (recorded in 1965)
  • 2012, released Loafer’s Glory album (Arhoolie).