Grass Cats, The


  • From North Carolina.
  • Formed in 1997 by Greg Miller (guitar) , Russell Johnson (mandolin), Tim Woodall (banjo), Chris Hill (fiddle) and Jerome Hawkes (bass).
  • Johnson was formerly lead singer with New Vintage (1989-2000)
  • Woodall hosts a bluegrass radio show in Raleigh, NC.
  • 1999, released first album “Cattin’ Around” (no label).
  • 2000, released “By Request” album (New Time Records).
  • 2002, released “The Blues are Back in Town” album (New Time).
  • 2004, released “Desperate Times” album (New Time).
  • 2005, released “9 Lives and More” album (New Time).
  • 2007, released Home to Carolina album (New Time).
  • 2009, released A Good Way to Get the Blues album (New Time).
  • Personnel (2011): Steven Martin (guitar) , Russell Johnson (mandolin), Tim Woodall (bass), Chris Hill (fiddle) and Rick Lafleur on banjo (Rick has a PHD in Physics and is from Canada).
  • 2012, released Mountains My Baby & Me album (New Time).
  • 2015, released The Old School Road album (New Time).
  • 2017, disbanded.