Appalachian Trail


  • From Bristol, Virginia.
  • Formed in 1984 by Ricky and Linda Barker.
  • Featuring the lead vocals of Linda Barker, the group eventually became known as “Linda Barker and Appalachian Trail.”
  • 1997, Linda Barker (Linda Barker Lay) married David Lay, who also replaced Ricky Barker in the band, playing guitar.
  • 2000, Linda and David Lay toured and recorded with the “Masters of the Steel String Guitar.”
  • 2003, Linda Lay recorded a solo project for the Cracker Barrel record label, as well as an album with husband David and David McLaughlin called Springfield Exit.
  • 2004, after a long hiatus, Appalachian Trail reorganized with new members: Tommy Austin (mandolin/mandola), Tim Laughlin (fiddle), Glen Rose (banjo), Josh Goforth (guitar/banjo/fiddle).
  • 2011, Matthew Cruby (banjo) and Allen Hughes (guitar)