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  • Formed in 1984 in Denver, Colorado, but only two band members ever lived there (Mike Lantz, Ron Lynam). Dick and Amos live in Pennsylvania and Vermont respectively.
  • The name “Front Range” comes from the name given to the eastern slopes of the Colorado Rockies.
  • 1988, recorded first album (a cassette). Original band included Peter Schwimmer on banjo.
  • 1990, recorded second album in their own studio on their own record label. Mailed 500 copies to radio stations and the song “High Mountain Meadow” became a #1 song.
  • 1992, released New Frontier album (Sugar Hill).
  • 1993, released Back to Red River album (Sugar Hill).
  • 1995, released One Beautiful Day album (Sugar Hill). Won the IBMA award for Gospel Recording of the Year.
  • Banjo player Ron Lynam is the world’s undisputed “Underwater Banjo Champion.” He accomplished this feat by playing an aluminum banjo underwater in a pool at the Midwinter (Ft. Collins, CO) Bluegrass Festival. It has become an annual event. He is also a high school social studies teacher.
  • 1997, released Ramblin’ on My Mind album (Sugar Hill).
  • 2000, released Silent Ground album (Sugar Hill).
  • Lead singer Bob Amos is a prolific songwriter with a master’s degree in geology.
  • 2004, the group recorded its last album together.
  • 2006, mandolinist Mike Lantz died of brain cancer.
  • 2012, Bob Amos recorded a solo project called Borrowed Time (no label).
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