Front Porch String Band, The


  • From Hazel Green, Alabama.
  • Formed in 1974 by Larry and Claire Lynch on the campus of the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Other band members have included Allen Watkins (banjo), Terry Campbell (bass), Alan O’Bryant (banjo), Jim Hurst (guitar/banjo) and Michael McLain (banjo).
  • They were originally called Hickory Wind.
  • 1977, released “Smilin’ at You” album (no label).
  • 1977, released “Country Rain” album (Lanark).
  • 1980, released landmark album Front Porch String Band (Leather/reissued by Rebel) featuring the lead vocals of Claire Lynch. They disbanded during the eighties, the Lynch’s taking time off from music to begin a family. They re-organized the group ten years later.
  • 1991, released “Lines and Traces” album (Rebel).
  • 1997, the group disbanded for good.
  • 2005, Claire began her solo career with her own Claire Lynch Band.
  • 2012, released Hills of Alabam: The Front Porch String Band featuring Claire Lynch (Rebel).