Wolfpen Branch


  • From Louisville, Kentucky.
  • Formed in 2019-2020 by Arthur Hancock IV (guitar) and Chris Shouse (mandolin). They were later joined by Roddy Puckett (bass), Kati Penn (fiddle) and Aaron Bibelhauser (banjo). Hancock and Puckett were formerly members of the Wooks. Penn had her own band NewTown and Bibelhauser also performs with his band Relic.
  • The group was named after a song written by Hancock called Wolfpen Branch. It is also the name of a road in the Louisville area.
  • They formed during the COVID-19 pandemic. Their other bands were unable to work, so they formed a new band during the layoff.
  • 2021, Penn left the band and was replaced by fiddler Jeff Guernsey.
  • 2021, released first music to radio, a single “Don’t Have a Clue” (no label).