Smokey River Boys


  • From Nashville.
  • A “trademarked” recording group that has been the property of MCA (Decca) records since 1950. The original group included Lefty Jenkins, Luke Rogers, Sonny Wyatt and Bill Jackson, all of whom are now deceased. They were also stunt men in Hollywood westerns.
  • The second generation of Smokey River Boys were trademarked by MCA/Universal in 1963. They recorded two albums called “Dueling Banjos” and “Best of Banjo” which were marketed as a Time-Life series and sold through Readers Digest. They were re-released in 1999 by MCA/Universal as a result of the popularity of the movie “O Brother Where Art Thou.” As of 2002, only two members of that group were still alive, Larry Lee and Len Chapman.
  • The 2002 (third generation) of the Smokey River Boys includes Robert Metzger, Stephen Hill, Woody Wright and Doug Clements. Still on MCA/Universal, they released a single with the title “O Brother” which entered the Billboard charts in November 2002 at #37. Their publisher is Walt Disney Music.