Russell, Johnny


  • From Sunflower County, Mississippi. Grew up in Fresno, California.
  • Billed himself as “the biggest act in country music” because of his large size. His famous opening line on the Grand Ole Opry was “Can you see me all right?”
  • A successful songwriter, who wrote hits for Jim Reeves, Buck Owens, Loretta Lynn and the Beatles.
  • As a singer and recording artist (RCA) he scored hits with “The Baptism of Jesse Taylor,” “Rednecks, White Socks and Blue Ribbon Beer,” and several others.
  • His biggest song “Act Naturally” was a hit for both Buck Owens and the Beatles.
  • 1985, joined the Grand Ole Opry. He not only performed as a singer but as a comedian. A large man, one of his favorite opening lines was “Can you see me alright?”
  • 2000, recorded a bluegrass album Actin’ Naturally (OMS) with guests Buck Owens, Earl Scruggs, Bobby Osborne, Benny Martin, Dolly Parton, the Whites, others.
  • 2001, died at the age of 60.