Run C&W


  • From Nashville.
  • A comedy act (1992-1995) specializing in bluegrass adaptations of Motown and classic rock songs.
  • The brainchild of Bernie Leadon, founding member of The Eagles.
  • Name is a take-off on the name of the popular rap group, Run DMC.
  • According to the story line of their first album (1993), Run C&W is a band featuring The Burns Brothers, a family of bluegrass pickers who migrated from the backwoods of Kentucky to Detroit, Michigan, where they learned to play “that good old soul music—the way God intended for it to be played—bluegrass style.”
  • First gained recognition when they played at the CMA’s Fan Fair in Nashville and did a spoof of Billy Ray Cyrus’ “Achy Breaky Heart” called “Itchy Twitchy Spot.” What started out as a joke turned into a full-fledged album project.
  • Members of Run C&W: Rug Burns is Russell Smith (formerly with the Amazing Rhythm Aces.) Crashen Burns is Bernie Leadon (formerly with the Eagles.) G.W. “Wash” Burns is Vince Melamed (a.k.a. Dan Fogelberg), and Side Burns is Jim Photoglo (a Nashville songwriter). Their fictional father was known as Dad Burns.
  • 1993, released Into The Twangy-First Century album (MCA).
  • 1994, released Row Vs. Wade album (MCA).