Price, Bill


  • From Monroe, North Carolina. He owned a farm and studio there called “Bluegrass Hill.”
  • Began musical career in 1954.
  • Recorded two albums for RCA, produced by Chet Atkins. He and his band “The Country Pardners” were the first bluegrass artists to record in what was then called “high fidelity.”
  • Was a member of Bill Monroe’s Blue Grass Boys in the 1950’s. Also worked with Jimmy Martin’s Sunny Mountain Boys.
  • 1960’s, made several guest appearances on the Grand Ole Opry with his wife Betty. Bill Monroe saw Price’s show in 1965 and when he saw that Price had added electric guitars and drums to his band, Monroe stopped speaking to him. It took almost 25 years (1989) to reconcile. In 1991, they performed together once again.
  • Due to personal tragedy (his wife and two children died) he left the music business for several years.
  • 1984, remarried and resumed his musical career.
  • Died in September of 2000.