Merriam, Buddy


  • From Sound Beach, New York (Long Island).
  • A musical instrument repairman by trade. (Has a college degree in Musical Instrument Technology.)
  • Formed his own band Back Roads in 1980. Has also worked with the Sykes Brothers, the Fox Family Band, the Berkshire Mountains Festival Band, and others.
  • Turning point in his life: met Bill Monroe at 1976 Berkshire Mountains Bluegrass Festival (the first he ever attended) and was struck by lightning at the same festival. He was hit in the neck and thrown ten feet in the air. His heart and lungs stopped and both eardrums were punctured. He was revived and while recuperating in the hospital, Monroe called him to wish him well. They later became friends.
  • 1991, began hosting a radio program called “Blue Grass Time” (WUSB-FM, Long Island, NY).
  • 1994, released “Mystery Train” album (Lily Pad).
  • 2009, released Back Roads Mandolin album (Lily Pad).
  • He also performs with mandolinist Greg Butler in a group called Buddy Merriam’s Mandolin Experience.
  • 2015, was inducted into the Long Island Music Hall of Fame.