Maring, Wil


  • From Waterloo, Iowa. Grew up in Makanda, Illinois.
  • Given name: Lillian Maring (Wil is a nickname acquired in grade school).
  • She has a master’s degree in anthropology.
  • 1989, she and German-born husband Mark Stoffel founded a band called Shady Mix in Illinois.
  • 1992, they moved to Germany and re-formed Shady Mix there, becoming very popular in Europe.
  • 2001, moved back to Illinois and re-formed Shady Mix once again with some of the original band members.
  • 1998, won the Chris Austin song writing contest at MerleFest.
  • 1998, released An Ocean from Home album (Bear Family).
  • 2003, released The Turning of a Century album (Roan Pony).
  • 2006, released The Calling album (Roan Pony).