Lindsay Lou (and the Flatbellys)


  • From Lansing, Michigan.
  • The Flatbellys were formed in 2008 by several college students who were jamming at a local festival. They got their name after a jam at one of these festivals, where a picker proclaimed “It’s good to see a bunch of you flatbellies out here pickin with us grey-beards!”
  • Lindsay Lou (Rilko) was a classical music singer who converted to bluegrass after meeting Josh Rilko, mandolinist with the Flatbellys. She eventually became his wife as well as the lead singer and guitarist of the band in 2010. Other members (2012): PJ George (bass), Mark Lavengood (Dobro™) and Keith Billick (banjo).
  • 2012, released Release Your Shrouds album (Earthwork Music).
  • 2015, released Ionia album (no label).