Knopf, Bill


  • From Van Nuys, California.
  • Banjo player of many styles: bluegrass, swing, jazz, pop, rock and ragtime.
  • 1977, released Bill Knopf on Banjo with Hot Off The Press and Friends album (American Heritage).
  • 1979, released “San Andreas Quickstep” album (Ridgerunner).
  • 1993, released “Pacific Swing” album (First Inversion)
  • 1993, released “Bill Knopf Plays Scott Joplin on 5-string Banjo” album (First Inversion).
  • 1994, released “John Philip Sousa Marches Performed on 5-string Banjo” album (First Inversion)
  • He was a member of Doc Severinson’s Las Vegas show band (1979-1985) and was a regular performer at Disneyland
  • He has written several banjo instruction books.
  • 2019, he has been playing banjo with Phil Salazar and the Kin Folk.