Heights of Grass, The


  • From Richmond, Virginia.
  • Formed in 1975 by Don Grubb (guitar), with Charles Bishop (banjo), Denny Williams (bass) and Kenny Tackett (mandolin). Other band members included Richard Ward (banjo), Vernon Hughes (mandolin), Sonny Mead (fiddle) and Billy Lux (bass), Mark Newton (mandolin), Rickie Simpkins (fiddle) and Sammy Shelor (banjo).
  • After Grubb left the band in the early eighties, they evolved into The Virginia Squires.
  • 1976, released “Introducing the Heights of Grass” album (no label).
  • 1978, released “Ghost Riders” album (Outlet)
  • 1978, released “Louisiana Saturday Night” album (Outlet)
  • 1980, released “Encore” album (CMH) produced by Sonny Osborne.
  • 1982, released “Live at the Flat Rock” album (HOG).