Hayseed Dixie


  • From “Deer Lick Holler” (Nashville, Tennessee).
  • Formed by Barley Scotch and Enus and Talcum, the Younger Brothers — Dale and Don Wayne Reno in real life.
  • 2001, recorded a bluegrass album of AC/DC songs.
  • Original name of the group was AC Dixie, but decided to change it for legal reasons.
  • 2002, released “A Hillbilly Tribute to Mountain Love” featuring covers of other rock artists (from Ted Nugent to Aerosmith).
  • 2003, released “Kiss My Grass” — a bluegrass tribute to the rock group KISS.
  • While Hayseed Dixie converts rock to bluegrass, they also perform as The Kerosene Brothers, doing precisely the opposite–converting bluegrass songs to rock.
  • 2013, Dale and Don Wayne teamed up with Mitch Harrell to form a second generation version of Reno and Harrell. The original band featured their fathers Don Reno and Bill Harrell.
  • 2021, Don Wayne joined the Farm Hands.