Harrell, Mitch


  • Lives in Annapolis, Maryland.
  • Son of bluegrass pioneer Bill Harrell.
  • For many years, he played guitar and sang tenor in his father’s band, the Virginians.
  • Was first artist signed by Pinecastle Records. According to Pinecastle “Mitch is the reason for Pinecastle’s existence.” In 1990, Tom Riggs, a bluegrass radio personality and promoter from Florida, was so impressed with Mitch’s talent that he decided to start a record company.
  • 2000, formed his own band (South River Express) and his own record label.
  • 2013, teamed up with Dale and Don Wayne Reno to form Reno and Harrell, a second generation edition of the original band featuring their fathers, Don Reno and Bill Harrell.