Golding, Wes


  • From Lambsburg, Virginia. Lives in Advance, North Carolina—near Winston-Salem.
  • Began performing at age 8 in a group called the Twin County Partners with his 11-year-old friend Jimmy Arnold.
  • 1972, joined Roanoke, Virginia-based group, The Shenandoah Cut-ups.
  • 1973, he and mandolinist Herschel Sizemore left The Shenandoah Cutups to form The Country Grass.
  • 1975, invited by Ricky Skaggs to sing lead and play guitar in Boone Creek, named after one of Golding’s songs. Keith Whitley had declined because he was working with Jimmy Gaudreau in a new band called The Country Store.
  • 1986, recorded “River of Teardrops” album (Heritage) with his band Surefire.