Flannery, Tim


  • From San Diego, California. (Was born in Athens, Kentucky.)
  • A professional baseball player and coach (San Diego Padres 1979-1989 as an infielder, 1992-2002 as third-base coach). Went to two World Series and one All-Star Game. For several years, he did color commentary for local Padres radio and TV broadcasts.
  • His father was a Baptist minister in Kentucky and gave him his roots in bluegrass, Irish and gospel music.
  • During his baseball playing days, he performed in the off-season with local musicians, playing mostly Jimmy Buffet-style pop and beach-rock music.
  • 2001, released first acoustic/bluegrass album, produced by Dennis Caplinger. Includes many of his original songs.
  • 2004, released Kentucky Towns album, a tribute to his late father.
  • 2007, joined the coaching staff of the San Francisco Giants (third base) and released Wayward Wind album (no label).
  • 2010, 2014, won the World Series with the Giants.
  • 2014, recorded Travelin Shoes album (no label).
  • His band is called “The Lunatic Fringe.”
  • 2015, retired from baseball to focus on his music career.