Faris, Rick


  • From Illinois, but grew up in Arkansas and Missouri. He has also lived in Topeka, Kansas and Owensboro, Kentucky.
  • 1998, began playing music professionally at age 7 with his family band The Faris Family.
  • His first instrument is guitar, but he plays all the bluegrass instruments at a professional level.
  • 2009, joined Special Consensus, playing mandolin. In 2015, he took over the guitar position.
  • He is also a luthier who builds high quality guitars (including the one he plays personally). His business is called the Faris Guitar Company.
  • 2019, released first solo album Breaking In Lonesome (Dark Shadow).
  • 2021, left Special Consensus to pursue his solo career.
  • 2021, released The Next Mountain album (Dark Shadow).
  • 2023, released Uncommon Sky album (Dark Shadow).
  • 2023, accepted position of Artist in Residence with the Kentucky Guitar Center in Owensboro, Kentucky.