Druha Trava


  • From the Czech Republic (formerly Czechoslavakia).
  • Formed in 1991 by singer/songwriter Robert Krestan and banjo player Lubos Malina.
  • Krestan and banjo player Lubos Malina were formerly in a popular Czech band called Poutnici.
  • Druha Trava means “second grass.” The name originally had nothing to do with bluegrass. This was Krestan and Malina’s second band, so they chose a name which meant “second harvest.” But it actually means “second grass.”
  • They call their music “Czechgrass.”
  • 1998, recorded an album with Peter Rowan; signed with Compass Records.
  • 1999, released Czechmate album (Compass Records) and won the Czech Music Academy Award (equivalent to our Grammy) for Band of the Year.
  • 2001, released New Freedom Bell album with Peter Rowan (Compass).
  • 2006, released Good Morning Friend album (Compass).
  • 2011, toured with harmonica legend Charlie McCoy.