Crow, David


  • From Florida.
  • Began musical career at age seven on guitar.
  • Recorded first fiddle album at age 15.
  • First band: “Beachville Bluegrass” (while in high school).
  • 1991, moved to Nashville to attend Vanderbilt University as a law student. He went on to become a lawyer.
  • 1991, released “Me and My Fiddle” album.
  • 1992, formed a Nashville-based band called Freewheel Drive.
  • 1992, joined Osborne Brothers’ band (at age 18).
  • Has won the Florida State Fiddle Championship and the Florida State Mandolin Championship.
  • 1994, released “As the Crow Flies” album.
  • 1997, was elected to the IBMA Board of Directors.
  • 2004-2006, served as president and chairman of the board of IBMA.
  • 2005, joined Bobby Osborne and the Rocky Top Express.
  • 2007, formed Milom, Joyce, Horsnell & Crow, a Nashville law firm specializing in entertainment law.