• From West Jefferson, North Carolina.
  • Formed in 2015 by 15-year old Zack Arnold (mandolin), 17-year old Jacob Greer (guitar), Tyler Thompson (banjo) and Gary Trivette (bass).
  • 2016, won the band competition at RenoFest.
  • Claybank is the name of a street in the North Carolina community (Ashe County) where they live.
  • 2016, released first album Playing Hard to Forget (Rural Rhythm).
  • 2018, released No Escape album (Mountain Fever).
  • 2019, Thompson and Trivette left the band and were replaced by Jason Davis (banjo), Jamie Harper (fiddle), and Kameron Keller (bass.) All three previously worked with Junior Sisk. Davis and Keller most recently were with the Highland Travelers.
  • 2019, released Road Signs and Highways album (Mountain Fever).
  • 2019, Arnold left the band to join Sideline. In 2021, he joined Rhonda Vincent and the Rage.
  • 2020, Greer also joined Sideline. Claybank was disbanded.