Cannon, Melonie


  • From Nashville. Born in Jackson, Tennessee.
  • Daughter of legendary country music songwriter & producer Buddy Cannon (Kenny Chesney, Reba McIntyre, Mel Tillis, George Jones, etc).
  • Her sister Maria Cannon-Goodman is also a successful songwriter (“Ten Rounds with Jose Cuervo,” etc.)
  • Started recording at age 14 (with Dean Dillon). Also worked as a teenager with Vern Gosdin, Bill Anderson. Recorded duet “Cry Cry Darlin'” with Sammy Kershaw at age 16.
  • Did a stint in the U.S. Army. In her own words “I had a wild streak that needed to be tamed.” The Army helped her learn self-discipline and self-respect. She was discharged for medical reasons, but the experience changed her life.
  • 2004, released debut bluegrass album Melonie Cannon, produced by Ronnie Bowman (Skaggs Family Records).
  • 2008, released And The Wheels Turn album (Rural Rhythm).