Busby, Buzz


  • From Eros, Louisiana. Moved to Washington D.C.
  • Real name: Bernard Busbice
  • He was one of the first to popularize bluegrass music in the D.C. area.
  • 1954, he had a TV program in Washington called “Hayloft Hoedown.”
  • 1955, moved back to Louisiana to work on the Louisiana Hayride. Formed his band “The Bayou Boys.”
  • Band members included Scott Stoneman, Pete Pike, Eddie Adcock, Charlie Waller, Bill Emerson, among others.
  • 1957, signed record deal with Starday Records.
  • After a traffic accident in 1957 (he was presumed dead but was brought back to life by medical technicians), his band had to find other employment. His banjo player Bill Emerson formed a new band, The Country Gentlemen.
  • Substance abuse kept him from becoming a major star in bluegrass. It also put him in prison.
  • He died in January, 2003.