Brown, Hylo


  • From River, Kentucky.
  • Recorded for Capitol Records (1954-1961).
  • Band: the Timberliners. Also had a band at one time called “The Buckskins” (named after their trademard buckskin jackets).
  • Real name: Frank Brown. He got the name “Hylo” (High-Low) because of his incredible vocal range. He would often sing the verse of a song in a baritone voice, then falsetto on the chorus—an octave higher.
  • Was a regular on the WWVA Jamboree, Wheeling, West Virginia.
  • Late fifties, toured for Martha White Mills (as did Flatt and Scruggs).
  • July 1959, appeared at first Newport Folk Festival backing Earl Scruggs, who made a solo appearance.
  • 2003, died of cancer.