Brother Boys, The


  • From Johnson City, Tennessee.
  • A duo featuring Eugene Wolf and Ed Snodderly.
  • Snodderly is a musician, songwriter, actor and owner of one of Johnson City’s oldest music venues, the Down Home.
  • They refer to their style as “New Hillbilly Music.”
  • They met while performing together in a repertory theatre group. After singing together in a play, they decided to continue as a musical act.
  • 1992, released first album “Plow” on Sugar Hill Records.
  • 1995, released second album “Presley’s Grocery” on Sugar Hill Records.
  • 1998, Snodderly joined the faculty of East Tennesse State University’s bluegrass music department.
  • 2000, Snodderly appeared in the movie “O Brother, Where Art Thou” starring George Clooney. He played one of the village idiots.