Bluegrass Band, The


  • Formed originally in 1972 by Joseph “Butch” Robins, a former member of Bill Monroe’s Blue Grass Boys (banjo). Other members: Alan O”Bryant (guitar), Mike Compton (mandolin), Blaine Sprouse (fiddle), David Sebring (bass) and Ed Dye (bass.) They released one album “Another Saturday Night” on Voyager Records.
  • 1973, disbanded but Robins re-assembled a new version of the band 13 years later (1989) with Dudley Connell, Larry Stephenson, Ronnie and Rickie Simpkins, Wayne Henderson and several other musicians. They recorded four albums of bluegrass standards and gospel music, the first recordings for Kerry Hay’s “Hay Holler” record label which at the time sold their albums primarily by mail order on television info-mercials.