Blue Moon Rising


  • From East Tennessee.
  • Formed in 2000 by Chris West.
  • 2002, released first album Where Wood Meets Steel (no label).
  • Members (2005): Randall Massengill (guitar), Justin Jenkins (banjo), Tim Tipton (bass), Chris West (guitar), Keith Garrett (mandolin).
  • 2005, released On the Rise album (Lonesome Day).
  • 2006, founding member Justin Moses (Dobro™/fiddle), re-joined the band after a stint with Sierra Hull.
  • 2007, Moses left again to join the Dan Tyminski band (and Ricky Skaggs & Kentucky Thunder, 2010)
  • 2008, released One Lonely Shadow album (Lonesome Day.)
  • 2008 lineup: Keith Garrett (mandolin), Justin Jenkins (banjo), Chris West (guitar). Massengill and Tipton left to form a new band called Brand New Strings.
  • 2009, Keith Garrett left the band to form The Boxcars with Adam Steffey and Ronnie Stewart.
  • 2010, Jenkins left the band to work with Grasstowne.
  • 2010, released Strange New World album with new lineup: Chris West (guitar), Brandon Bostic (guitar), Tony Mowell (bass), Owen Platt (banjo). West is the only original member remaining.
  • 2014, performed several reunion shows with original members Keith Garrett and Justin Jenkins, and they decided to book additional shows with this lineup as schedules allow. Garrett and Jenkins also perform with the Boxcars and Grasstowne respectively.
  • 2018, Garrett, Tipton, Jenkins and Massengill all returned to the band, joining Bostic and West.
  • 2019, released After All This Time album (Mountain Fever).
  • 2022, Massengill died at the age of 49.