Ellis, Tony


  • From Silva, North Carolina. Lives in Ohio.
  • Began playing banjo at age 14.
  • Early bands: The Virginia Mountaineers and the Shady Valley Boys.
  • 1960-1962, played with Bill Monroe and the Blue Grass Boys.
  • After leaving Monroe’s band, he worked with Mac Wiseman, The Beaver Creek Boys (Bristol, Tennessee) and The All American Boys (with Tom Ewing).
  • 1987, released Dixie Banner album (Flying Fish).
  • 1993, released “Farewell My Home” album (Flying Fish).
  • 1996, performed at the Olympics.
  • 1998, released Quaker Girl album (County).
  • 1999, released “Sounds Like Bluegrass To Me” album (Copper Creek).
  • 2002, formed Tony Ellis and the Musicians of Braeburn. He tours internationally with the U.S. State Department.
  • 2005, performed with Steve Martin, Earl Scruggs, and Peter Wernick on the Dave Letterman show as “Men with Banjos Who Know How to Use Them.”