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  • From North Carolina.
  • Banjo player and singer A.L. (or Al) Wood began performing in 1962.
  • He recorded several albums under his own name with his band The Smokey Ridge Boys which included (at various times) his older brother Odell Wood (bass), Dewey Farmer (mandolin). Lester Deaton (guitar) and A.L.’s sons Mike and Bobby (guitar and bass).
  • 1973, released “Sing a Bluegrass Song” album (Rebel Records) which was re-issued in 2011.
  • 1973, released “Bluegrass Today” album (Rebel Records).
  • 1982, released “Kentucky Country Home” album (Rich-R-Tone).
  • 2001, released two albums: “Cold Granite Heart” and “A Bluegrass Classic” (no label).
  • His songs have been recorded by many other artists: Sweet Carrie (Dailey and Vincent), Rhythm Of The Wheels (Rhonda Vincent), Sing A Bluegrass Song (Lorraine Jordan and Carolina Road).
  • While A.L. doesn’t travel or perform any longer, his family has formed The Wood Family Tradition featuring A.L.’s sons Mike (guitar) and Bobby (bass), Mike’s wife Joanie (vocals), their son Jason (mandolin) and his wife Mackenzie (vocals).
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