• Formed in 1972 by Jim Watson (guitar), Tommy Thompson (banjo) and Bill Hicks (fiddle).
  • Known as “America’s Favorite Whatzit Band.”
  • They specialized in energetic bluegrass, old-time, Irish, folk, cajun, blues, ragtime and country.
  • Their music was featured on the hit TV series “Northern Exposure.”
  • 1974, for six months, they performed in a play called “Diamond Studs” in New York City.
  • 1976, released Twisted Laurel album (Flying Fish)
  • 1977, released Merchants Lunch album (Flying Fish).
  • 1979, released Chuckin’ the Frizz album (Flying Fish).
  • 1981, released Hard Times album (no label).
  • 1987, Shawn Colvin was a member of the band.
  • 1988, founding member Jim Watson left the band to join Robin and Linda Williams and Their Fine Group.
  • 1992, featured on Michelle Shocked’s album “Arkansas Traveler.”
  • 1992, toured Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Jordan and Syria for the U.S. Information Agency.
  • 1992, released Rambler album (Sugar Hill).
  • 1993, they performed in a hit Broadway play called “Fool Moon” which won a Tony Award for the band. This play also had a run at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC.
  • 2002, released Yonder album (no label).
  • 2003, founding member Tommy Thompson died.
  • 2004, performed in an Off-Broadway play called “Lone Star Love.”
  • 2012, celebrated their 40th anniversary as a band.
  • 2018, founding member Bill Hicks died.
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