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  • From Orange County, California.
  • Original band was formed in 1975 and included Dave Dickey (guitar), Walden Dahl (mandolin), Pat Brayer (fiddle) and Lauren Seapy (banjo).
  • Fiddler Stuart Duncan (Nashville Bluegrass Band) was in this group in the early 1980’s.
  • Group broke up in mid-80’s, then re-united in 1996 by Ken Orrick (guitar) and Jeff Harvey (mandolin) who were with the group at the time of the group’s disbanding.
  • Band leader and vocalist Orrick is originally from Smithville, Tennessee. His first band was a gospel group called the Premanaires, which included Faye DeMent (older sister of Iris DeMent).
  • 1998, band included Orrick (guitar),  Dick Brown (banjo), Paul Shelasky (fiddle), Jeff Harvey (mandolin) and Marshall Andrews (bass).
  • 1998, released “November Rain” album (no label)
  • 1999, released Headin Down That Lost Highway album (Hay Holler).
  • 2000, mandolinist Harvey was replaced by Eric Uglum.
  • 2000, released Lifetime of Sorrow album (Hay Holler).
  • 2004, Andrews and Shelasky left the band and were replaced by Joe Ash (bass) and Mike Tatar, Jr. (fiddle).
  • 2004, released Bluegrass the Way You Like It album (Hay Holler).
  • 2006, performed in Oman (middle east, south of Saudi Arabia).
  • 2007-2009, after some health problems, Orrick tried to keep the band together with various part-time musicians.
  • 2009, Orrick died of a  heart attack.
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