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  • A project band made up of musicians who at the time were performing with other bands: Dudley Connell (Seldom Scene), James King (The James King Band), Joe Mullins, Don Rigsby (Lonesome River Band/Rock County), Glen Duncan (Rock County) and Marshall Wilborn (The Lynn Morris Band).
  • The idea for this band originated at the Denton, NC bluegrass festival in 1994, when Don Rigsby, Dudley Connell and James King sang together in a group called The Rounder All-Stars.
  • The name comes from the recording studio: The Long View Farm, in North Brookfield, Mass.
  • 1997, recorded first album Longview (Rounder) which won the IBMA Award in 1998 for Recorded Event of the Year and Song of the Year (for “Lonesome Old Home”).
  • 1999, recorded High Lonesome album (Rounder).
  • 2002, recorded Lessons In Stone album (Rounder).
  • 2003, Scott Vestal replaced Joe Mullins (banjo) for live shows.
  • 2008, the group re-formed to record Deep in the Mountains album (Rounder) with three original members King, Wilborn and Rigsby plus Lou Reid, J.D. Crowe and Ron Stewart.
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