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  • From Switzerland; Currently live in North Carolina.
  • Billed as “Americana from the Heart of Europe.”
  • The brothers are Uwe (guitar) and Jens (banjo). The third “brother” is bass player Joel Landsberg.
  • 1973, began performing together in Switzerland as teen-aged street musicians.
  • First band: “Undertaker Skiffle Company.”
  • 1981, recorded on CBS records as “Rocky Road.”
  • 1982, Jens played banjo with Bill Monroe’s Blue Grass Boys. Was the first European to play the Grand Ole Opry.
  • 1992-1995, hosted their own national radio program in Switzerland.
  • 1998, released Travel the Gravel album (Double Time).
  • 1998, released “Jens Kruger: Profile” album (Double Time).
  • 1998, invited by Doc Watson to play MerleFest for the first time.
  • 2002, released Up 18 North album (Double Time).
  • 2003, moved to North Carolina permanently.
  • 2007, realized a lifelong ambition when they performed with the Bangor Symphony Orchestra to present the world premiere of “Music from the Spring: A Romantic Serenade for Banjo, Guitar, Bass & Orchestra” (orchestrated by Jens Krüger).
  • 2010, released Christmas Magic With The Kruger Brothers album (Double Time Music).
  • 2011, released Appalachian Concerto album (Double Time Music).
  • 2012, released Best Of The Kruger Brothers album (Double Time Music).
  • 2013, Jens was awarded the Steve Martin Prize for Excellence in Banjo and Bluegrass Music.
  • 2015, a documentary film about the Krüger Brothers titled “Beautiful Nothing” (the name of one of Jens Kruger’s most popular compositions) was released.
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