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  • From Nashville, Tennessee.
  • Formed in 2011 by Daryl Mosely (bass), Tim Graves (Dobro™), Bennie Boling (banjo) and Kevin Williamson (guitar).
  • The band name came from an internet TV show called “Farm County Jubilee.” A segment of the show featured Mosley and Graves performing with the Farm Hands Quartet.
  • Featuring bluegrass gospel music, they perform primarily in churches and at gospel concerts.
  • Mosley was a founding member of New Tradition Bluegrass Band. He has also worked with the Osborne Brothers and has written numerous songs, including songs performed on American Idol, The View and other TV shows.
  • Graves has fronted his own band and has worked with the Osborne Brothers, Wilma Lee Cooper and many other bands.
  • Boling has written songs for the Oak Ridge Boys, Jeannie Seely, Gene Watson and others.
  • Williamson has fronted bands such as Redwing and Shadow Ridge.
  • 2012, released “Songs from Mama’s Hymnbook” album.
  • 2013, released “In a Country Town” album.
  • 2014, Jesse Turner (guitarist from Alabama) replaced Kevin Williamson in the band. Williamson left to work with his family band. Later the same year, guitarist Keith Tew replaced Turner.
  • 2015, banjo player Benny Boling was replaced by Don Hill.
  • 2015, released Better Than I Deserve album (Pinecastle).
  • 2016, released Diggin’ in the Dirt album (Pinecastle).
  • 2017, they were awarded a proclamation by the Tennessee State Senate honoring them as musical ambassadors for the state of Tennessee (April 20).
  • 2017, released Colors album (Pinecastle).
  • 2019, Mosely left the band to pursue a solo career and do more songwriting. Benny Boling returned to the band, playing bass.
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