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  • From Louisville, Kentucky.
  • Played rock music until “I got run over by a car,” he says. While in the hospital, he began playing acoustic guitar, singing old songs, and “that’s where I really started getting into the music.” He and his two rock ‘n’ roll buddies formed the “The Kentucky Ramblers” in 1980.
  • His father is a bluegrass musician, as was his grandfather. His band includes his father Finley (guitar) and his two sons Wayne (bass) and Mason (mandolin).
  • Nickname: “Stretch.” His record label is called Stretchgrass Productions.
  • He often refers to his music as “brewgrass.”
  • 1979, formed his band The Kentucky Ramblers. Around that time he purchased Bill Monroe’s bus which was named “Bluegrass Breakdown.”
  • 1982, recorded his first album, “Lonesome Road.”
  • 1989, started the “Strictly Bluegrass” bluegrass festival in Louisville.
  • 1994, selected to tour with Bill and James Monroe’s “Father and Son” Winter Tour.
  • Since 1986, he has been under contract with the City of Louisville, performing for the Mayor and other city functions.
  • 1994, toured with Bill Monroe including a tour to Europe.
  • 1995, first guest appearance on the Grand Ole Opry
  • 2002, won two gold medals at the U.S. Tai-Kwon-Do championships, qualifying him for the 2004 Olympic team.
  • 2010, appeared on the TV Show “Extreme Home Makeover” with his family band.
  • 2015, was awarded a personalized baseball bat from the Louisville Slugger factory, for mentioning the iconic company in one of his songs and music videos “The Derby City Flash.”
  • 2018, was presented with the key to the city of Shepherdsville, Kentucky where he holds a festival.
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