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  • Born in Columbus, Mississippi; grew up in Palmetto, Alabama. Lived in Nashville for 26 years, then moved to Chugiak, Alaska.
  • 1969, she was diagnosed with cervical cancer and was given three weeks to live. Fortunately, the doctors were wrong.
  • 1972, formed Red, White and Bluegrass with then-husband Grant Boatwright and Dale Whitcomb (banjo). They were based in Georgia and had a hit country single, “July, You’re a Woman.”
  • 1980, formed an all-female band called the Bushwhackers, with Susie Monick, Ingrid Herman Reese (Woody Herman’s daughter), and Kathy Chiavola.
  • 1982-1996, she was guitarist and lead singer with The Doug Dillard Band.
  • As a session vocalist in Nashville, her credits include commercials for Tony Lama boots, Coors beer and Pizza Hut.
  • 1991, released solo project Fertile Ground (Flying Fish Records).
  • In 1994, had breast cancer which required major surgery.
  • May 1991, received a college degree in human resources management.
  • 1999, released “Sipsey” album (no label).
  • 2001, released “Inside the Gate” album (no label).
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