Wyland, Dede


  • From Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Lives in Baltimore, Maryland.
  • 1975, was lead singer for Milwaukee band Grass, Food and Lodging.
  • 1980, joined Tony Trischka and Skyline.
  • 1987, moved to Tucson, AZ and began pursuing a career in teaching voice.
  • 1990, moved to Baltimore and continued teaching voice, founding the Dede Wyland School of Voice.
  • 1995, formed Acoustic Outlet with Mike Munford, Chris Stifel, Akira Otsuka and Fred Smith.
  • 2000, formed the Dede Wyland Band.
  • 2009, released Keep The Light On album backed by Mike Munford (banjo), Ronnie and Rickie Simpkins (bass and mandolin/fiddle), Wyatt Rice (guitar).
  • 2018, released Urge for Going album (Patuxent).
  • 2019, formed new band called Big Howdy (Randy Barrett, banjo; Ira Gitlin, bass; Tom McLaughlin, mandolin).