Travelers, The


  • From Virginia.
  • Formed in 1998. From 1991-1997, they performed as the Norman Wright and Kevin Church band.
  • The original band included three former members of the Country Gentlemen: Wright (mandolin), Church (banjo), and Spider Gillam (bass).
  • 1999, Gillam was replaced by David Lewis.
  • 2001, the group disbanded and both Wright and Church worked as sidemen in other bands.
  • 2010, Wright worked with Darren Beachley and the Legends of the Potomac
  • 2011, Wright and Church reunited to begin performing together as The Travelers. Also in the band: John Miller (guitar/mandolin) and Mike Connor (bass).
  • 2013, Miller was diagnosed with cancer on his tongue and missed four months with the band. Rejoined them in November.