Southern Rail


  • From Watertown, Massachusetts.
  • Formed in 1979.
  • Personnel: Jim Muller (guitar), Sharon Horovitch (bass), Rich Stillman (banjo), John Tibert (mandolin).
  • Muller is originally from Virginia; he is married to Horovitch, a Canadian.
  • They call their sound “Modern Traditional.”
  • For several years, Muller wrote a column titled “Plugged In” (dealing with sound reinforcement) for the now-defunct Bluegrass Now magazine.
  • 1987, released “Looking for the Lighthouse” album (Track).
  • 1989, released “Home” album (Track).
  • 1991, released “Drive By Night” album (Turquoise).
  • 1992, released Roadwork album (Turquoise).
  • 1993, released Carolina Lightning album (Turquoise).
  • 1996, released Glory Train album (Pinecastle).
  • 1998, released Wasting My Time album (Pinecastle).
  • 2002, released Coal Tattoo album (Railway).
  • 2008, released Live at the Linden Tree album (Railway).
  • 2009, released On the Road From Appomattox album (Railway).
  • 2019, were inducted into the Rhode Island Bluegrass Alliance (RIBA) Hall of Fame.