Red, White and Blue(grass)


  • Originally from Birmingham, Alabama. Worked for many years in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Formed in 1970 by Ginger Boatwright (vocals), Grant Boatwright (guitar), Dave Sebolt (bass) and Dale Whitcomb (banjo). Norman Blake (mandolin) was also a member of this band for a short time.
  • 1973, had a hit record (reached #71 on the Billboard Charts) with “July, You’re a Woman,” written by John Stewart of the Kingston Trio. This song appears on the album Guaranteed(GRC).
  • 1974, released “Pickin’ Up” album (GRC).
  • 1977, released “Red White and Blue (grass) and Company” album (Mercury).
  • 1979, the Boatwrights divorced and the band broke up.
  • Ginger Boatwright (who sang lead and fronted the band) later formed a Nashville group called the Bushwhackers and also worked 22 years with the Doug Dillard Band (until 2003).